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  • Digital Publishing flipbook Software for Digital publishing also known as flipbook software have been around for several years, there are many digital publishing to flipbook out there that offer anything from a basic Turnpage or flipbook solution to a more robust digital publishing that creates a robust flipbook. Turnpage’s digital flipbook mobile magazine software now supports iPhone/iPad windows 8, Android and Blackberry for mobile viewing, increasing the reach of your flipbook publications. Features include page flipping, flipbook audio, article lists flipbook, social bookmarking flipbook, flipbook e-mail sharing, flipbook page thumbnails, flipbook zoom and links and many more flipbook options. Publishers can also customize options and colors to create a unique branded experience from our flipbook mobile magazine software. For anyone looking for a good flipbook or mobile magazine software or a digital publishing flipbook solution, there are many options in the digital publishing industry for creating a robust flipbook, most are very basic flipbook product and don’t offer much in the way of flipbook features or functionality, for the best digital publishing to flipbook experience and value there are a few things that need to be considered before you choose the right flipbook publishing platform. Here are some of the questions you may want to ask of your potential supplier of flipbook mobile magazine software to create a great flipbook. • Is flipbook conversion or mobile magazine software their main business, this is all we do create a flipbook solution. • How long have they been in the flipbook business creating flipbook solutions? • How many customers us their mobile magazine software for digital publishing or flipbook creation? • Do they have non flash flipbook mobile versions available for their flipbook offer? • Our solution offers a full subscription system for your flipbook needs, does your potential supplier for your flipbook offer it as well for your flipbook? • Self-serve flipbook with as much automation is key when selecting the right flipbook, make sure that its user friendly so documents can be created easily in the flipbook. • Does your flipbook service provider offer mobile apps or just is it just a flipbook solution? • Is there multimedia flipbook capability to enhance the flipbook software solution? • flipbook are much more engaging when enhanced with multimedia? • Are links created automatically in the flipbook of their flipbook solution? • What’s the price to create each flipbook of the mobile magazine software? • What are the direct costs as it pertains to resources for your digital publishing mobile magazine software? • Is the digital publishing solution compatible with all mobile magazine software platforms not all digital magazine or flipbook software does? • Does the potential supplier for digital publishing software offer a free trial, can you try first to create, then buy later? • Are there any extra costs for flipbook bandwidth, some digital publishing mobile magazine software do charge extra for flipbook page turns and downloads. • Are your flipbook being shared on multiple platforms where they may be lost in the digital publishing mobile magazine software crowd? The TurnPage Solution • Mobile friendly on all tablets and Smart Phones with our flipbook offer. • Easy and fast, get flipbook converting with our mobile magazine software in minutes • Full service or self-serve, digital publishing created in minutes • Enhance your flipbook with multimedia and hyper linking • Integrated your flipbook with our digital publishing mobile magazine software subscription system • Brand the interface and URL of your flipbook for digital publishing • Track your digital publishing with built in stats or Google analytics • No digital publishing software to install, just upload and your flipbook is live. • Live customer support